Here are the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions:

Can an amateur composer participate?

Yes, amateurs composers can participate in the MAIN and CALL4SOUNDS categories. In the MDW category only composition students at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna can apply.


Must I send the score when applying to the CALL4SOUNDS category?

Scores are required for the MAIN and MDW categories. In the CALL4SOUNDS category you are not required to submit a score. You can still send it though, if you believe it can help online voters to better understand your idea.

Do scores or audio submissions need to be anonymized? 

Neither Audios nor Scores need to be sent anonymously. Feel free to write your name on them.

Can I use an alias instead of my real name? 

That is ok, as long as we can efficiently contact you and confidently confirm you stick to the competition guidelines.

Do I have to use material from the matter.soundsof.net website?

Yes. Your piece will be judged upon its connection to any of the featured materials in our webpage. This is the only limitation, therefore we strongly encourage you to have a look at 7 featured research projects, and hopefully find inspiration to write an original new piece.

How many works I can use for one track?

You may mention other works as your secondary source of your inspiration in the text that accompanies your submission. As your primary source of inspiration you must choose only one in the online form.

Can I use my artistic name for the submission?

Sure you can use your artistic name when filling up the submission form. This is the name that will appear in the online voting platform. Nevertheless, in that case you need to state your real name in the description, so that eventually the organisation knows whom to award the prize.

Can I submit a piece as a duo / ensemble ?

In ​case the work is a collaboration, you may use some name (artistic name of the group, one of your real names, etc.) to submit your work. Do not forget, however, to explain who is exactly behind the submission in the bio field.

Will there be any professional jury that will supervise the Call4Sounds competition or will the winning piece arise exclusively from the open voting?

There are three categories within the Sounds of Matter composition competition. In the particular case of the Call4Sounds, a pre-selection will be made based solely on formal criteria (whether or not the rules of the competition are observed) and then the winner will arise from the open voting. 

Independently from the competition, a selection of pieces curated by the research team will be presented as part of an interactive exhibition. These chosen composers will get a mention outside the competition, but no monetary prize.